Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Found Them

Well, my friends some 640 days ago I began a journey to find two children with eyes like mine. I want you to know after to traveling to Ethiopia and returning to Chicago I can tell you must certainly that I have found them.

His eyes are deep dark brown and full of life wonder and everything you could imagine in a five year old. He loves bananas, strawberries, apples, pasta, injera, eggs, omelets, well he likes anything that you can eat. He loves television, showers and clean clothes, jumping, running, pushing, and pouting as if it will get him his way. He is very smart and just as clever at finding out how to work anything that is electronic.

Her eyes are deep and nearly coal black with an old soul that is wise beyond her years. She has impressed me with her ability to retain information and translate anything I'm saying to her younger brother. She can write her first and last name in English, sound out and spell words, and sit and color for two to three hours at a time. She loves SLEEP and must have her beauty nap. She loves to watch and help me cook and will try just about anything. She is gentle and kind, and says, "thank you very much," for the slightest kindness shown to her.

My children are home! What I've been most amazed about is how loving they are to one another. All of us with siblings should be so lucky. They negotiate, come to a consensus and she always informs me of their JOINT decisions. Yesterday we were driving and they fell asleep in the car with their shoes off. When I woke them he was helping her put her shoes on and tie them and she had a napkin and was drying the sweat from his face and forehead. They spend more time with each other than with me (all wonderful to me) and in a day might spend five minutes bickering over something very small.

They both love talking on the phone and every conversation sound about the same, "Hello, how are you, huh? Yes...(giggle). I love you very much. Yes...ciao, oh bye, bye!"

I adore everything about them and feel blessed beyond measure.

Original Court Date: April 18, 2009
Final Court Date: May 18, 2009
[607 total days & 165 days w/IAN]