Sunday, December 21, 2008

Soul Christmas Rewind

From my Christmas 2007 post:

This is the time of the year that we celebrate the birth of Christ. Some say that Christmas has become too commercialized and that too many have taken Christ out of Christmas. I would never do that. Christmas is also a time for family and friends to celebrate life with one another.

If you need to smile just imagine Don Cornelius announcing Christmas with love, peace, and SOOOOUUUL!

Here is my top 15 list
! Listen and enjoy and as my mother used to say, "Have a Happy, Happy and a Merry, Merry!"

  1. This Christmas - Donnie Hathaway
    This Christmas - The Whispers (The only one that can top the original)

  2. The Christmas Song - Jeffery Osborne

  3. Santa Clause is A Black Man - John Waters (Kimmy)

  4. Christmas Just Ain't Christmas - O'Jays

  5. Merry Christmas Baby - Otis Redding

  6. Give Love on Christmas - The Jackson 5
    Give Love on Christmas - Johnny Gill (Just love this version too)

  7. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Luther Vandross

  8. Merry Christmas Baby - Otis Redding
    Merry Christmas Baby - Charles Brown original

  9. At Christmas Time - Luther Vandross

  10. Santa Clause Go Straight to the Ghetto - James Brown

  11. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause - The Jackson 5

  12. Silent Night - The Temptations

  13. Little Drummer Boy - The Jackson 5 (The pictures will take you back)

  14. What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas - The Emotions

  15. Let It Snow - Boyz II Men & Bryan McKnight


Robbin said...

Man those are all good! Thanks


Angela said...

I love those songs! It reminds me of my childhood too. My daddy loved music and I remembered listening to some of those songs while sitting in the back seat of his Delta 88.

Thanks for posting them. I haven't taken the time to listen to the radio this season.

Gracie's Mom said...

Welcome back! Those are all goodies.

haze said...

Yay, you blogged! I've missed your postings!

Thank you for the great links.

kristine said...

Can't wait to listen to all of these! Thanks for the links. Happy you're back - I've missed your posts.

Leah Reeves said...

Hey Miss Valarie, I found your blog!

Catrina said...

I love these songs. These are the songs that my Mom listened to when I was a child. I continue to listen to these songs. What do the lonely do? Lol!

waitingarms said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Bennett said...

Valerie send me your e-mail address. I thought I had it in my files


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