Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ethiopia Celebrating Black History Month

On my recent trip to Ethiopia I was told over and over how much people there love President Obama and Oprah. It was funny that people would say, "You're from America, do you know Obama?" So, this story about Ethiopia's celebration of Black History Month acknowledging the influence and achievements of Blacks in America really caught my attention. The celebration is being observed under the theme “Quest for Black Citizenship in the Americas.”

From the

The Civil Rights Movement: from Martin Luther King Jr. to President Barack Obama-Personal Reflections”.

The United States ambassador to Ethiopia, Donald Yamamoto said Black history is a A panel discussion, organized in commemoration of the day, was held on Tuesday morning under the theme uniquely American journey that inspired all people.

Black History Month in the USA is an opportunity to recognize the achievement of the African Americans reflected in the building of a strong nation,” said Ambassador Yamamoto.

The celebration of Black History Month has been observed in the USA since 1924. The month is a remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African Diaspora.

The Black History Month is the history from slavery as we now move forward to where we are now, the election of President Barack Obama.” Said Ambassador George W. Haley, civil rights activist in the USA. “The election of President Obama is not only the pride of African Americans but also the pride of the world and it is incredible to see that the efforts of the movement has come to the position.”

Professor Andreas Eshete, President of the Addis Ababa University (AAU) said the civil rights movement mobilizes several people across the world, particularly in Africa to fight for their freedom from colonization and racial segregation. “Ethiopia, as an African country which was not colonized, was a pride to black people across the World,” he said.

He said the country has also inspired African Americans to fight for the respect for their rights.

Black History Month is celebrated annually in most countries worldwide in the month of February, while in the UK it is held in the month of October.

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