Thursday, March 20, 2008

Learn to Speak Amharic

My newest YouTube find is these online tutorials for learning Amharic. There are some 80 languages spoken in Ethiopia and Amharic is the national language. It's nice hearing the pronunciations.


Holly said...

you are a wealth of information!! I love visiting your blog!
I never imagined you as "short" I am 5"8 so we would look like David and Goliath together.
Oh well. I think petite is awesome! But- I'm not and I'm happy just being me!
I am truly looking forward to the post that says, "I have my referral and on my way to Ethiopia- See you- bye"!
The Lord knows the pefect timing.
Easter Blessings,
Holly in NC

Aimee said...

Great find on YouTube.
I am trying to learn a little and didn't want to shell out the bucks for a course. This should tide me over for awhile.
Love your blog. Best of luck.

Katy said...

There is an amharic online yahoo group, amharic_online, or something like that. I THINK (I'm really not sure) that the listowner is affiliated with, or at least a memeber of, the Lion of Judah society that put out this video. You have to dig a bit, but there are good amharic lessons in the archives. No sound, just words, but they're still good becuase he goes into depth about pronounciation. And its free. There's also a CD that is cheap called TalkNow! that you can get from that is the opposite. All sound, no written words. There are other amharic language resources on my blog if anybody's interested. I'm trying to learn, but man is it hard!

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