Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Adjective for Today is EXCITED!

I was always taught to be grateful for small things and this adoption process takes that to a new level. I find myself getting excited by every single thing in the process except for delays. But even with the slightest delay my good friend said to consider that a blessing because it just means that the process is slowing down just enough so that the most special children can be found for me.

Today I learned that my home study will actually be finalized and OFFICIALLY approved by my agency this week not in 4-5 weeks as I had originally believed. It could even happen TODAY! The faster the home study is approved the faster I get official program acceptance and go on the Wide Horizons' waiting list. With the approved home study I am only waiting for my dossier to be approved (Wide Horizons received it today also) and for my CIS approval.

I received the receipt from CIS (immigration) that they have received my application. The wait is now for fingerprinting -- again. This I really don't understand but it is a part of the process. What seems weird about it is that one of the very first things that I ever did in the process was get fingerprints taken that were sent to the FBI. I was cleared by the FBI in about a week and now a few months later I have to wait to take new fingerprints and have them cleared too.

Oh well. It comes with the process. Nothing will damper the excitement that I feel today.

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Original Court Date: April 18, 2009
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