Friday, October 12, 2007

FREE Gift List

MyGiftList offers a FREE, private, Universal Gift Registry™
With MyGiftList you can let everyone know what you want and need the most.
  • Create a wish list for your own special occasion. An adoption, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or baby shower registry.
  • Create a wish list to keep track of gifts you give to special people throughout the year.
  • Use for any gift giving occasion whether you are the gift giver or receiver.
  • Easy to set-up, easy to use, and its FREE.
Never forget an important occasion or purchase an unwanted or duplicate gift. Click here to take a TOUR!

To Get Started: Create a personal, private gift registry of the gifts you would like to receive. Specify an occasion or a gift giver. Use the links below.

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Create A List - From the Shop & Support List

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  • You decide who views the items on your gift registry.

  • Identify friends and family members who you want to purchase gifts from your gift registry. Also include the people you shop for so that they will set up their own gift registry and share their gift wishes with you.

  • Once your list is set-up, use our handy reminders to keep track of important dates and your to-do list.

  • Go to my Charity Blast, pick from hundreds of stores. When you find items you would like to receive, copy and best the website page URL into your list. It automatically enters the information into your gift registry. You can also choose gift selections directly from the Shop & Support list on the right.

  • Get your friends and relatives to create a gift registry and make gift shopping easier.

  • You'll wonder how you ever managed all of the special occasions in your life before using our services. The MyGiftList gift registry helps you give the perfect gift, every time.

: So how does this work as a fundraiser?
You sign up to create a gift list for FREE. Create your gift list using Charity Blast or from the Shop & Support list on the right. Then send your list to all your friends and family. Encourage them to create their own wish list. When gift items are purchased through your gift list a small percentage is contributed to the adoption fund.

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