Sunday, October 21, 2007

Homestudy Complete and Approve

Yesterday my homestudy was completed and approved. I got a chance to read over and verify all the information. Now it has to go to the placement agency for review and in Illinois it also has to go to the State DCFS for approval. It feels good to be done with that. The two things that have caused the biggest trouble have been the insurance affidavit and the CPA letter -- challenges of being self-employed.

The Insurance Affidavit - I'm self-employed with independent individual coverage that is not expandable to anyone else. On my search for another policy, I learned that no one is interested in making it easy for you. The second question they ask is, "are you adopting?" If you answer yes, you are immediately disqualified from application. I was told by my placement agency that it is illegal to ask the question but they ask and it is also at the top of the insurance forms that you fill out. The good thing is that I found this online insurance finder that helped me compare different plans online. Health Benefits Direct

The CPA Letter - It seems that if you are self-employed and can show consistent income through payment advices from clients, signed binding contracts that include the amount and payment terms; corresponding bank deposits into a business account, a business license, and tax transcripts directly from the IRS, that is not enough to prove that you are self-employed or have an income. They require a CPA letter to attest to the fact that you are now, have been, and will continue to earn self-employed income. CPA's may have mighty pens but they don't have crystal balls. The problem is that professional accounting organizations strongly advise CPA's from writing any letters of attestation and they don't want to write them. Suggestions? Any CPA's with a strong calling to support the cause, please let me know.

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