Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Idea of Adoption

It's funny how ideas come into your consciousness. We may remember the moment that the idea arrived but are often unaware of what brought it to the surface. I can remember first thinking about adoption between the ages of 13-14. Like most little girls I dreamed about my wedding in full detail and color and also about the family that I would have. I wanted SIX children! I was sure it would be two boys and two girls, probably a set of twins and two of the children would be adopted. From a young age, I connected with the sadness that I saw in the eyes of some children and had a deep understanding of their need to be loved unconditionally.

Well, many years past eighth grade I am single, 41, and have no children. While the time has past for me to work on my four naturally born children, I have decided to adopt two.

That's right; I've decided to jump head first into parenthood and am on the road to finding my two special gifts that God has placed in this world. Today without even knowing her, I bless their mother for nurturing them in her womb. I bless her for giving them life so that I might have the opportunity to love them for a lifetime.

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Nancy said...

I am single, 51, no birth kids and I also am adopting two Ethiopian kids. Just got a referral for 8-9 year old boy/girl twins. I am so excited! Good luck in your journey. My prayers and blessings to you. Nancy.

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