Monday, June 2, 2008

New Beginnings

When I started on this adoption journey I was talking to a young 30 something minister named David. The funny thing is that many years ago when he was a teenager, David was one of my teen Bible study students. He would hang arrive at class early, he would always stay late to continue talking about the scriptures and how they applied to his life. I remember the first time I was a keynote speaker for the Annual Children's day and he unlike the other teenagers sat in the front row. He was always attentive, always listening, always asking questions. I watched him grow up and accept his call into the ministry. Now, he is the Christian Youth director holding the position that I did many, many years ago.

David is a tall, strong, handsome minister of the gospel but he and will always be one of my "kids". What I love about these young people who are still present in my life is that they now share, minister, and encourage me. I was talking to David about the adoption and all the things that had gone on and all the things that I could see coming.

David said, "God has led you full circle. You know when you go full circle you get a new beginning." I thought that was a simple but profound statement. So, today when I came across a post on one of the adoption blogs I remembered that conversation.

Read this amazing full-circle story of a little girl adopted from Ethiopia.

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