Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

My father got all of his shots months ago and was too excited to do so in my opinion. Ive been really busy but procrastinating more than anything about getting my shots.

I couldn't get them done at my doctors office and every place else that I called wanted a $125 consultation fee, $60 office fee, and $95 for the shot (times 3). My dad paid $50 in Indianapolis.

I was also told that insurance would not cover it. I kept looking and was able to get my TwinRx Hep A/B shot for $15, no consultation fee and no charge for an office visit. Now I just have two more shots to go.

I do love the internet. I hope I got the full strength shot!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Good to see you're back in the saddle. Ref your immunizations -- have you checked with your local healt dept?? That's where I got mine. I think I paid around $300 for 6 shots. I ended up getting MMR, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, the Hep A/B series and I'm not sure what else. I just remember leaving there with both arms sore! LOL.

VALARIE said...

Yes. I checked the health department first, The difference was maybe $25 but you had to wait 2-3 weeks to get an appointment and they had to order some of the medicine like yellow fever. I was most worried about the Hep A/B since you need the time to get all the shots. Since my Hep A/B is only $45 total I'm good with the rest. But, I have some severe allergies so I was too scared to get too many shots all at once.

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