Friday, December 28, 2007

Color Me Playful Toys for Children of Color

Cush City has a good mix of toys, games, puzzles, dolls and even back packs. Some things seemed a little pricey but I guess it is the price of being extra special. I laughed because they even sell Old Maid cards (I haven't seen them in years) and the old maid is a black woman.

Dolls Like Me probably has the widest selection of toys and gifts for children of color. I don't know why this matching game stood out to me.

Check Out Caramel Kidz

Ethnic Dolls
Ethnic Games and Puzzles
Ethnic Party Supplies
Ethnic Holiday Toys and Gifts
Black History for Kids
Multicultural Arts and Crafts

Jambo Kids has a few unique items that you might like.

JamboKids Doll and Book Sets
JamboKids Hard Cover Books
JamboKids Jigsaw Puzzles
JamboKids Posters
JamboKids Soft Cover Books
JamboKids Soft Fabric Dolls
JamboKids Trading Cards
JamboKids Wrist Bands

African American Books
Check this list of books.

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