Friday, December 7, 2007

Tick Tock Control Clock

Control freaks of the world unite! E-mail is a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. In the right hands or at least in my hands it is a lightening rod. It's the one thing that I can use to make sure that things arrive where they should and leave on to their next destination.

To update to my earlier post, there is some good news and some other news. First the good news, I received a letter of congratulations from my agency today. My dossier has been weighed and measured and found acceptable. Still that dossier is missing two important documents, the home study and the I-171. More good news, I received my fingerprint appointment notice. Friday at 9am I get to head out to the immigration office in Norridge, IL for one more (we hope) round of fingerprints. I've already been printed by the state of Illinois and the FBI.

The other news? I used the inter-country coordinator's e-mail address again today to find out if she had received my home study. The answer was, not positive. She took matters into her own hands and contacted my placement agency. She learned that things were not sent to her on the date that I was told. She also assured me that as soon as she gets my home study she will process it in a timely fashion. Her response made it clear she is not the chink in the chain and that I will not be able to blame any delays on her. Well, at least now she knows my name. More importantly I have her e-mail address.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tock...

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