Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Clock Is Ticking

Funny that I never heard the loud sound of the biological clock ticking but this adoption time clock clicking in my head keeps getting louder. Just look at the two new clocks I've added to the blog. One is tracking how long it is taking for the Chicago office to process and approve my I-600A application. The other clock shows how many total days I've been in process for the adoption. It's counting the time that my application was sent to present.

The first part of the process was full of activity. Read this, sign this, notarize this, overnight this, check this, recheck that, call and check that all packages have arrived. Okay, now I have no more paperwork to fill out, no more packets to send in. Everything is out of my hands at this point. I don't like the feeling.

I exchanged eight e-mails with the inter-country coordinator at DCFS this week. I wanted to know how long it took them to complete their processing of my application. The result? She has not received the home study that my agency says was sent on November 30. She also told me that even if she had that they are currently processing application dates of November 26.

I've sent e-mails and have got no response from the Chicago CIS office who promised 20 days ago that in 14 days I'd receive a fingerprint notice from Nebraska. Nebraska? Yea, my thoughts exactly. Anyway all I can do is wait. Well there is one more thing that I can do. I can call.

The clock just keeps ticking. Tick Tock ....

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Bryan and Joy said...

This post really brought a smile to my face! For me, my days are divided into (very) small segments of time between checking messages for word of a baby! Lord, help us! Can I be done learning patience now?

... How about now???

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