Monday, May 26, 2008

Oprah Winfrey -- Legend

Is there anyone in America that hasn't heard of Oprah Winfrey? In this international adoption process a constant theme is transracial identity and how parents help their children of color become strong and independent proud of who they are? I believe to know who you are or even to know the people you see like Oprah you have to know how they came to be.

A few years ago she had her Legends Ball to honor the women who shaped her, the women who showed her what was possible, the women of standards that she hoped to meet. I remember watching it and how emotional it was for me too. The women who I most remember wanting to be like were Gladys Knight, Maya Angelou, and Nikki Giovanni. I remember being mesmerized as a little girl by the grace and class of Gladys. I read everything by Maya and Nikki impressed with their ability to communicate such strong messages that I felt were meant just for me. Then their were men like Sidney Poitier and Langston Hughes.

Anyway, here are few of the YouTube videos that capture how eternally connected we are to the people who carry our history and culture and what we must do to continue those traditions throughout the generations. Remember Oprah is OPRAH but, but no matter how big she has become, she is still very humbled by her history. OPRAH shows how important it is to HONOR our elders -- the black women who paved the way. Even more she shows how and why it is necessary to connect the young generation that comes behind her. These are the cultural truths that need to be continually shared.

Don't miss the poem: We Speak Your Names at the end of the first video. My favorite is the singing at the gospel brunch in the last video.


Jesi and Joe said...

Thank you so much for sharing these videos, Valerie. I'm in tears after watching them... how incredibly powerful. Your insights, suggestions, and guidance are incredible. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

These are incredibly moving and powerful videos. Thank you so much for sharing. These women are an inspiration to us all.

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