Thursday, May 15, 2008

Key Factors for Successful Adoption

I read the article below on the A Child's Waiting website and thought I would share it.

Successful Adoption Indicators
There are several factors that can predict the possibility of a successful adoption as well as the possibility of an adoption disruption. Having a good understanding of your family and the dynamics that it presents can help circumvent any possible problems before and after a child comes home.

Adoptive families that are working towards or currently possess the following characteristics are more likely to have a successful adoption experience.
  • Families with emotional support from their family and friends
  • Families who did not care what the “Jones” think
  • Membership in an adoption support group (families share common problems which normalizes their own family transitional problems)
  • Family engages in family leisure activities as a whole throughout the week
  • Involvement in a religious practice
  • Lower to middle income, high school or two or less years of college education
  • Children who have been able to maintain past relationships in their new placements
  • Adoptive Families who remain active within their adoption agency
  • Children who have been able to have closure with past caregivers
  • Families with some child care or parenting experiences
  • Families who continue to education themselves about adoption issues as well as any special needs of the child
  • Families with a strong marriage or partnership
  • Patience
  • Families that are more empathic towards a child and the past issues that they have had to face rather than blaming them for the family problems
  • Adoptive families who put the needs of the child before their own-ALWAYS
  • Easy access to post-adoption services
  • Resolved infertility issues
  • Women who do not need to feel “appreciated” everyday and do not take child rejection or behavioral concerns personally
Here is a second article on the success factors. You can also read a list of factors for adoption disruption or unsuccessful placements.


Waiting for Zufan! said...

Hi Valarie,

This is interesting, as we fit the "lower-to-middle income" group. I didn't know that was considered a positive factor! I like that! We have had a great experience with Zufan so far. She is just a little doll and has bonded so well.

I also like that map you found. I need to print in out and then have someone put a dot for me on it where Chuko is, although I think I'm pretty close with that. Thanks!

Oh, yeah, and I voted. I voted for felt a "calling to adopt." That is the closest to summing it up, I guess. Some things, you just have to do, whether the rest of the world supports you or not.

I'll be checking back on your site and watching for a referral for you. 2 kids, huh? What a 24 hour party you're going to have! :)


VALARIE - Single, mother-to-be of two bright-eyed Ethio children. said...

Hey Stacy, I thought the it was pretty interesting too about the education and income level. Thanks for the comment. I'm going to have a 36 hour party and party until it's 1999.

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