Monday, May 19, 2008

Six Relational Truths

If I've never mentioned it I teach Group and Organizational Dynamics as an adjunct professor. It doesn't really matter other than the fact that I came up with what I call the Six Relational Truths that I share with my students. They really apply to all relationships and a recent situation caused me to pull them out again.

Here they go, use at your own risk. Whenever you can say, "that is true" just remember that someone is saying the same thing about you.

The Six Relational Truths
  1. Expectation rules the relationship.
  2. Your perception is not everyone else's reality.
  3. Your assumptions will always tell on you.
  4. You might be dead right but you will still be dead.
  5. There's always a choice so choose wisely.
  6. If you can't imagine that might be wrong it's nearly impossible for you to ever be right.

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