Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Price is Right

I know I'm not the only one watching my dollars and cents. I told you it's been hard to think about what I want for me and instead I think of what I need for the kids.

I needed a new suit. So, with my birthday gift cards in hand I hit the usual spots. My good friend found great bargains and Macy's and that I should try there. I went into Macy's everything was 30-40% off with another 50% taken at the register. In ten minutes I found a$98 Anne Klein dress for $11. I found an AK suit on the $59 rack that fit great, was a size smaller, made me feel good and look good. I took it to the register and the woman said that it was not on the 50% off sale. It was $189 -- a steal for a $300 suit but I was disappointed that it wasn't marked down more. I left it and walked out. My friend called and kept telling me to go back and get it. I told her Iwas going to try one more place.

I walked into Loehmann's and found four suits to try on. The two that fit better than the Macy's suit where AK too. The suits were marked $59 and $79 ($320 regularly). The lady behind the counter started talking about how she was having a really bad day, so I offered her a few encouraging words. Then I read the sign behind her saying that they gave 15% off as a birthday discount and I told her my birthday was a few days ago. She whispered something that I didn't really hear and then she hit a couple of keys and the grand total for my two suits was $97.43.

I knew that was more than 15% off, so I checked my receipt and she had given me several discounts. I got such a good bargain that I felt better about spending on myself. I hope the cashier's day got better because she definitely made my day!


graceling said...

They say kindness is it's own reward... but in your case, kindness is your pocketbook's reward, too:)

Love my sales!

Favorite Chicago store that I miss the most: Nordstrom Rack. Love that place.

Katy said...

Sounds like good shopping karma. What comes around goes around - you must have been randomly nice to someone. I'm glad you got some nice things for your birthday.


VALARIE - Single, Ethiopian-bound, mother-to-be of two bright-eyed Ethio children. said...

Katy, did you see my note? I will be in Boston on Monday and Tuesday. If you are not busy maybe we could meet. Let me know what you think.

Katy said...


I sent you an email at the address you have for the yahoowhfc group a few days back, but maybe you didn't get it? I'd love to get together on Tuesday or Tuesday night if you can. I hope you get this note. I'll try the email address again.

Tami said...

I missed your birthday? Happy belated birthday! Shopping deals are the best!

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