Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Of God, Stones, and Political Candidates - RESPONSE

I think discussion is valuable. I appreciate the comments that I get from readers and even those who disagree with me. Here are great comments that I received concerning the Politics post. I believe that the poster raised good points so I wanted to respond openly. Thanks for your comments below is my response.

COMMENT: As a member of the discussion board you reference, I am not aware that people said that pro-choice candidates are muderers.

RESPONSE: Go back and read the long list of post. There were many things said that I found a bit disturbing. I believe the comments were that pro-choice candidate don't believe in the sanctity of life and sanction murder of the unborn. What I saw little of was compassion or understanding for anyone who might disagree.

COMMENT: I think many people feel that there is no law in place to protect the unborn child.

RESPONSE: I believe that a discussion of how to truly protect children would be valuable. I include all children in that and saw no real discussion about protection but instead a lot of moralizing about the sin of the mother. It would have been wonderful to have an exchange of ideas about the many ways in which we can protect ALL children everywhere. Unfortunately I did not see that discussion.

COMMENT: As for the other issues you mention, there seems to be a tone that perhaps a conservative person does not care about the poor, healthcare etc.

RESPONSE: It's not a tone. It's just an opinion. I did not see the same fervor or quoting of scriptures about those things that I did about murdering, killing, and stoning. In a Christian forum I'd appreciate a response that is in line with scriptures about how God feels about the poor. Unfortunately I did not see much of that.

COMMENT: I believe that many conservative people (not necessarily candidates) believe that in many cases the various government programs just enable people, not help them.

RESPONSE: I wasn't speaking as a conservative or liberal but as a Christian. Those people who are being enabled have children that have no voice. Those children need someone to speak for them just as the unborn. When a child sits down and is hungry or is hurt and can't go to a doctor I don't think it is Christian to punish them because of what is thought of their parents. As a Christian I know that the Bible says time and chance happens to the just and and unjust alike. Just like the hurricane of Katrina or today's tornadoes, it could be you or I that needs a little help. There, but for the grace of God go I. I have no problem saying that I would prefer my taxes to go to feed hungry people. (Matthew 4:45, Ecclesiastes 9:11-12, Philippians 4:12)

COMMENT: "Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime".

RESPONSE: The word of God said, "feed my sheep." It's great to teach a man to fish but he'd perform better on a full stomach.

To me pro-life means just that. Do whatever you can to promote life on earth. Feed, protect, challenge, love and show compassion to every living person on God's earth. It is always easier to dismiss than embrace but that is what God commanded us to do. The pro-life debate sounds a little like the scripture that says, if you hate your brother that you can see how can love a God that you cannot see. (1 John 4:20) We say that we love the unborn but watch as children that we see every day live in poverty, lack, and hunger. That seems inconsistent to me.

Someone else sent me a note that I will also respond to.

COMMENT: You don't believe you can be pro-life and pro-war. There are many that disagree with you.

No. I don't believe that you can be staunchly pro-life and pro-war. I know that others disagree with me and they are free to do so. There is a passage in the bible that says that the power of life and death are in the tongue. It is important that we always speak life and positivity in a situation. (Proverbs 18:21)

There are Christians on both sides of many issues, that is why I am glad that God sits on the throne. That is why I am glad he is gracious and merciful because inevitably even when we try to get it right we will still often times get it wrong.

Here is an article on God and War that you may want to read.


graceling said...

You know, I look at all the different denominations of Protestant Christians there are... and then I look at the comments/converstations you've had on the group... And then I know why there are so many denominations.

I feel that not just because, but especially because we are adopting from Ethiopia, we need to demonstrate a few important things to our kids:
1. The ability to distingush truth and lies as determined by Scripture and a Biblical worldview.
2. The ability to love and fellowship with all who believe in Jesus Christ, even if we disagree on minor points of theology (and politics, and sense of humor, and haircare!)
3. The ability to love people as Christ loves us- to be a picture of grace and love that is the explosion of Christ from within us.


VALARIE - Single, Ethiopian-bound, mother-to-be of two bright-eyed Ethio children. said...

Grace you are one of my favorite people in the world! Yesterday I felt terrible. I honestly thought that by using scripture without editing that anyone of us might slow down and think about what we were saying. When I post I don't look for agreement. I share from my perspective and expect others will do the same. I was silly enough to think that we were discussing the issues. But, last night I received an email telling me that I was suppose to say I was sorry to someone because I didn't agree with them. I don't ever take it that personally.

graceling said...

You know, I feel like telling the group something that my mom always told me... Don't be easily offended, and always be quick to forgive.

Maybe they need to be reminded that Jesus was not easily offended- He spoke the truth and left it at that. In fact, I think the only time we Jesus being offended is when He overturned the moneychangers tables in the temple. Jesus diagreed with people, argued theology, and even told people flat out that they were going to hell while people told him that he was a big liar! And he wasn't offended.

Maybe it is silly to suggest that if you can't "debate" in a Christ-like manner (meaning, using scripture and without "taking it personally") you shouldn't get involved. :)

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