Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Visions of Motherhood and Flights of Fancy

I have a ton of visions dancing in my head. One has been that even if I travel for work, my children will go with me. Watching yesterday's airport event made me wonder if I am dillusional but I cannot imagine my children behaving like that in public. In my vision my children are sitting in an area away from people with a portable dvd player, reading, activity or coloring books. I know kids get tired and

cranky but (like you Grace) I will not tolerate my children acting out in public especially at the expense of other people.

People have been telling me, "oh wait until your kids get here." I know there will be days but I'm like the old lady in the shoe to my friends and they know when their children are left with me that I give the all the love and attention they can stand. But any child that hangs out with me also learns that I am a no-nonsense disciplinarian. They still love to hang out at my house. I told one of my friends the airport story. Her response made me feel pretty good.

My friend said that she knows that my children will have actitivities and that I will make it a learning experience for them. She said that she can imagine my children getting restless and me turning it into an activity of count the people, the red shoes, or something like that. She said she imagines my children will call her after a trip and tell her about all the things that they learned by being in the airport. At least one of my friends feels that she knows me well enough to believe that my children will be well behaved. At least in public.


DWS said...

We just got off a plane on Monday and the little prince did well. He slept on the way to our destination and he watched a DVD on the way home.

Honestly, I find surprises at every stage of development. He was an angel on the flight home from Ethiopia at 2.5 years old (admittedly he was under the weather) but he bit me after refusing to wear his seat belt a year later. I can assure you that never happened before and it has not happened again.

I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

Tami said...

I don't know. I NEVER misbehaved in public. My mother gave me that look and I pulled it together and I mean fast! The one time I misbehaved my mother gave it to me!!!!!!! Did I say I was also 16! LOL

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