Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Contractor Cometh

Okay, I was feeling great about all the serious cleaning and purging that I was doing. I had a contractor in here the last two days. He came to take care of what I thought were minor projects that I didn't finish before the homestudy. A couple of years ago I (that is "I" as in "I" did it all buy myself) put down a wood floor in my home office. I didn't know how to do the trim and molding -- I can't do everything. It didn't matter that much but I can just see my children getting their fingers stuck between the floor boards and the wall. Since I work primarily from a home office I'm sometimes in here 12 hours a day. So, I fianally had the contractor come and do it for me and put up folding doors from my office to the storage room. Little did I know that he would have to MOVE EVERY SINGLE THING out of my office to do it. Now every book (and there are many) has been taken off the shelves, my bookcases sitting in the middle of the family room floor, my office equipment is spread out on the couch, it looks like a bomb has exploded. Well, he is now finished and I have to put it all back, it will take a little while to do that. The work does look good though and even makes my floor work look better.

My office is directly off of my downstairs family room. Right now it is separated by the standard six-panel door. The next project is a glass french door on the office. That way, if I am in here working or taking a business call I can at least close the door but still see the children. More importantly they can see me. I am just imagining them pressing their little face and putting their hands against the glass. I wouldn't have it any other way.

SPECIAL NOTE: The contractor is a really nice guy and understands the needs I have and the need to balance the costs. He made me an offer to list out all that I need done. He will allow me to pay him 50% and the rest "as I can". He also said that just to help me out he will come in two weeks to move all of the furniture that is currently in the kids room out into my garage for the garage sale. That is a big help -- remember, there is an 8 foot bookshelf in there. Thanks, Luke!

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haze said...

Sounds like you found a real prince of a guy - that's awesome!

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