Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lady in Waiting

If you haven't noticed I am over the 100 day mark waiting for my referral. I'm not one who was in a rush for the referral as I have so much to do to prepare. I'm probably like many of you though, the more time that I have the more I will find to do.

Here is the list of things that I still need to do before the children arrive. This is not in order of priority.
  1. Clean the kids room down to the floor and walls.

  2. Hold a garage sale. Let a hauler take away everything else.

  3. Clean the carpet throughout the house.

  4. Paint the children's room and their bathroom.

  5. Clean their linen closet to the bare shelves -- almost.

  6. Choose, order, purchase their bedroom furniture.

  7. Decorate thier room - choose bedding, wall stuff all of that.

  8. Dry wall the garage it is an absolute child hazard as it is today.

  9. Make a list for my friends of the things that I need in preparation for my adoption shower.

  10. Begin purchasing things that they will need. (It's been hard holding off)

  11. Plan the itenarary for me and my dads first visit to Ethiopia.

  12. Putting things together for their referral gift and family visit.

  13. Visit a couple of my final choices for schools. Make a choice

I know that there is more but this will keep me a busy.


Evelyn said...


Your list sounds like mine! Best to you as you prepare for your kids!


Katy said...

I could cut and paste this as my "to do" list. How cool that your dad will travel with you!

haze said...

I agree with you, I'm not feelign impatient yet, but the longer I wait, the more I find I have to get done.

Here's to checking off some of the items on your list real soon!

Tami said...

You have a lot to better get working. I'm not leaving for a minute so I still have time!

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