Friday, April 18, 2008

PreSchool Momma

Direct application is the best experience. It is the best teacher. I got an urgent call last night from a friend that had a work meeting she could not miss. It happened to be on the same day that they were having parent day in her son's pre-K classroom and the day that the school was going to talk about transitioning to kindergarten. She asked if I could go in her place and of course I said that I would. When I picked him up for school this morning he was so excited that it was a "bring your mom, your dad, your grandma or your auntie to school day." He has adopted me as his Auntie Valarie and said that the day was for anybody who loved him and could go to school with him today.

As a first time expecting mom it was definitely an experience. I walked into the room with little chairs and had to sign in as the "parent" for the day. I decided not to sit in the teeny tiny chair but rather sat on the floor. It wasn't bad but getting up was brutal. The first part of the morning was watching the teacher in action. She was pretty amazing. They teach at the concept level linking date, time, weather, words, songs, and pictures. I learned that the Spanish word for cricket, spelled c-r-i-c-k-e-t is also grillio in Spanish. Next we went to a separate room where they talked about what the children should know before kindergarten and gave strategies and tips for getting them up to speed over the summer. It was funny that I know these parents must know that I am not the mother but they welcomed me into their circle and one woman wanted to take me down the hall to show me the kindergarten room and assure me that Mrs. Remus is a fabulous kindergarten teacher.

I went back into the room with the kids and helped them make caterpillars. I was a big hit with a couple of the kids that wanted to show me every step of their projects. I know my friend thinks that I was doing her a big favor but I loved every moment of it. I am looking forward to doing all of these things with my own children.

Thanks, friend!


Barb said...

Ahhh....that would be so much fun! I'm jealous!

Tracey said...

Last week, I went to observe a preschool speech therapy program I was considering for my daughter. They told us to sit on those little chairs, and like lemmings, we all did it. I wish i had thought to sit on the floor instead - it would have been easier on my rear and my pride!

VALARIE - Single, mother-to-be of two bright-eyed Ethio children. said...

Tracey it was definitely easier on my behind but it was rough on my knees when I tried to get up. LOL.

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