Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ethiopian Jews Imitate U.S. Blacks

Just sharing an article that I found that talks about Ethiopian teens and their search for identity in Israel. The draw strength from African American culture.

The Article:

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Batya Tadela, a 16-year-old Ethiopian immigrant to Israel, used to be hurt and insulted when people called her ``kushi,'' a Hebrew word commonly used to refer to blacks. But now, like many young Ethiopian immigrants weathering tough times, Tadela has found an unlikely source of solace, pride and identity -- America's black culture. The fact that most of these Ethiopian teens have never visited the United States or even met a black American doesn't prevent them from embracing rap music and hip-hop fashion, along with sometimes misguided stereotypes gleaned from MTV, movies and news reports.

``It's a form of protest,'' Ethiopian lawmaker Addisu Masala said of teens who identify with American blacks. ``When a child feels that he's not wanted here, he looks for an alternative identity.'' Younger Ethiopians see in black American culture a vibrant energy and a chance for success against the odds. ``When I see American movies that show a lot of blacks succeeding, it makes me feel good,'' said Shmuel Batla, a 22-year-old cook. ``If he can succeed, so can I.''

The full article.

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