Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Big Box Arrived Today

I heard my doorbell ring early this morning but anyone who knows me knows I don't answer the door if I've not expecting company. I thought nothing else about it until I was headed out for something. I was shocked that a big box was on my front doorstep.

July 27, I ordered comforters for the kid's but did not expect them to arrive for 4-6 weeks. Surprise! They arrived today in a big box. I can't believe the comforters are here already. I was told that they were made to order.

It was so hard finding a unisex pattern since my kids will be sharing a room. I was so happy when I saw this set months ago but I REFUSED to pay the asking price. So, when they were 50% off I snapped them up.

The beds that I ordered 5 weeks ago are a different story. Why, did I just receive a call telling me that the beds have been discontinued? Doesn't that seem like something that you would let someone know long before 5 weeks had passed? I guess that requires too much customer focus.

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