Saturday, August 30, 2008

So What's New?

This is to catch you up with a few things going on with the adoption process.

  1. I loved your answers to the riddle me post. I'll only say that the boy/girl - 4/6 thing is correct.
  2. Like many of you, I am anxiously waiting for the courts to re-open on September 28th. (riddle #6 some paperwork things were not resolved before the courts closed)
  3. I got a great deal on furniture for the kids room and it was delivered last week. I can't find a red shower curtain and I can't decide what color to paint their room.
  4. I picked up packets from a couple of schools that I'm considering.
  5. I've made the Ethiopian mom connection. I've always wanted to develop the relationships naturally and this past week I was introduced to the sister of someone from my agency and the sister-in-law of my best friend from college. Both women were born in Ethiopian and moved here in their teens. They have five children between them and have truly extended themselves to me as "family" and ready resources.
  6. I've started buying things I will need when I travel like flip flops and cotton swabs. (smile)
  7. I've had a consultation with the doctor's office.
  8. I started a Yahoo group for Culturally Fluent families to discuss adopting and raising children within, across, and outside of our own cultural experiences.
  9. I have developed this new strategy for coping with the wait. I will go into a store shop for what I believe are the right sizes, pick cute outfits, imagine my children in them and then before I leave the store, I put it all back! It is helping me a great deal.
  10. I did buy a few books and a couple of arts project things.


Bennett said...

Sounds like a good way to pass the time Valerie.........I too keep busy w/small purchases and things I think I will need for the trip. within the next few weeks I will also be working on the nursery, even though I don't have a referral. I do expect one soon, I hope. :)

Robbin said...

Yay! I was one of those ppl trying to guess the riddle! And I joined your new group.


Gracie's Mom said...

Hey Lady, BIG CONGRATS to you. I'm not good at riddles so I said well I hope it's the good news I think it is. Listen, I have a red shower curtain. I got a few Christmases ago but never used it. It's not a Christmassy red but a sorta deep rich red, it also has a creme pattern on top I think. Anywhoo, if you want to see a pic email me, if you like it I'll send it right to you.

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