Monday, August 18, 2008

Week #2

I figured I would make it a family affair. So here is two-year old me with my mother and brothers Michael and Bryan, Easter 1968. My brothers are six and nine years older than I am. Bryan's head is always cocked to the side and Michael never smiles. I lived in the same house my entire life and I believe we have Easter pictures every year standing in the same place. It might be fun to see how we grow.

[Click for the Close-Up]

I guess since I walked at six months it makes sense that I was skating at two almost three. This picture reflects my feeling about the process right now...LET'S GO!

[Click for the Close-Up]

My favorite picture. I always thought I was three because my hair is so much thicker. I turned it over today and in my mother's handwriting it said "Valarie 2". I take her word for it.


kristine said...

I love these pictures! You obviously have always been a girl ready for a party.

I also just found out your younger than I am. I hadn't thought about it till I saw the 1968 note.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures!!!

Robbin said...

too cute! Girl I love the one with the skates!

Keep on coming!


haze said...

I love your old pictures and they remind me of my old ones. Funny how different families have similar pictures. They bring back so many memories.

VALARIE said...

Thanks all! Haze you are so right. It's funny how much everyone's old pictures are alike. That's why when I saw the idea on Robbin's I couldn't help but try it to.

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