Monday, August 25, 2008

Week #3

Yes it is already week #3. For giggles and laughs, I get to reveal more pictures. Here is Mother's Day 1969 complete with the door and the head lean. My mother is holding on to me and my favorite aunt is standing behind Mr. Happy. The last picture is my excitement for my brother's birthday gift.


haze said...

I can't tell which of your facial expressions I love the most!! Thanks for giving me something cute to smile at today :-)

Gracie's Mom said...

I mean you were just tooo toooo cute. What a sweet face!

Anonymous said...

So, is Mr Head Lean still lean when his pic is made? And what about Mr Happy...Still Happy? You seem happy back then and happy now!


VALARIE said...

Thanks all. Jan, Bryan's head is still leaning to the side, Michael is uhhhh...a bundle of unbridled joy, and I am still extremely expressive with my face and hands. Really outgoing, huge smile, and laughing most of the time. A picture of us today would look very much the same.

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