Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Children are the Future - Oops!

Let me introduce you to one of America's future leaders (party affiliation aside). I'll add this with only these questions for parents who think there will be no issues.

  • Who are his parents and what do they believe or what did they teach him?
  • What community was he raised in that allowed him to feel comfortable in his boldness?
  • Since he feels the issue is that it should not have been said in public does that mean it is still appropriate in private?
  • When your child comes home from school and tells you this was said to him, what will you say?
The leader of a statewide group of college Republicans has been forced to resign after posting racially insensitive comments about Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama on the Internet. Adam LaDuca, 21, the former executive director of the Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans, wrote on his Facebook page in late July that Obama has "a pair of lips so large he could float half of Cuba to the shores of Miami (and probably would.)"

LaDuca, who previously had called Martin Luther King Jr. a "pariah" and a "fraud," also wrote: "And man, if sayin' someone has large lips is a racial slur, then we're ALL in trouble."

LaDuca said Monday that he regrets posting the comments and understands how they can be construed as racist. "In hindsight, when you read it a second time, it's like, 'oops,'" he said. "It was just a dumb move on my part to make a statement like that public."


kristine said...

I wish I was shocked by this. I really wish I was. I am amazed when on the big board people e-mail me to say "I'm sorry where you live it's so difficult." Where I live? Where I live it's actually pretty easy. It's the United States this is what our children need to be able to handle.

It is sad. Very very sad. I do not yet know what I will tell Quinn. What I tell him know is that there will be many more people that love him for who he is than people who do not. I will tell him his challenge in life will be keeping up with all the wonderful people who want to be his friend. With that in mind, don't waste too much time worrying about the idiots in the world.

The Six of Us said...

I was just talking with my husband last night how the younger generation (my generation) seems to get their politics from the late show. Sad. This sounds like nothing more than a parrot of what is aired on those shows.
Respect must be taught not only in regards to race but simple respect for each other.

waitingarms said...

I know we would like to believe that racism is limited to the Republican party, but here in ultra liberal California, racism is still alive and well. It is not politically polite to use racial slurs here, so the form racism takes is more insidious. It takes the form of children in a primarily white school not going for a birthday parties of the two or three minority children in their class--suddenly everyone is busy on that day, but makes it for all the other birthday parties for the white children. It also takes the place in the workplace where people are polite and civil, but no one sits with minority co-workers in the cafetaria, nor socialize after work with them. Or when whites keep telling minorities that they are "so different" and mean that as a compliment! Liberal Californians can also speak with hatred and vitriole about minorites same as any unashamed Klansmember when they feel safe amongst themselves and believe everyone in the group shares their prejudices. While I was teaching, I cringed at just how patronizing white teachers could be to children of color when a minority child performs well in class--they overenthusiastically gush about how well the student performed. They don't seem to have the same need to be so enthusiastic with white children who may have gotten the same grade or performed better. Could this be because they do not believe that minority children as just as capable? Unfortunately, this is the America we live in and for the sake of our children, we cannot kid ourselves that racism has been eradicated.

I think Liberals have repeated the mantra that Republicans are racist so often so that they can hide their own racism. We only need to look at history to see the political affiliations of some of the most virulent opponents of civil rights laws.

Katy said...

This person is clearly an idiot, and amen to all the other commentors' comments. I like how he apologizes for making his comments PUBLIC, not for making them.

I've just caught up on your blog after having missed quite a bit. Congratulations on getting SO INCREDIBLY CLOSE! The courts will open before you know it. Your (not really) shopping therapy cracks me up. Pretty good trick - whatever works! I'm so happy for you.

You were a ridiculously cute kid. You can really see so much personality in the photos. They're such great pictures/stories. Thanks for sharing.

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