Friday, September 19, 2008

Go West...Then Come Home

One of the great things about my work is the flexibility that I have. The second is the many places that I get see on somebody else's dime. Well, second is probably all of the different types of people that I meet and the challenge of communicating the same message in a multitude of ways. Third is the travel and the places that I get to see. When I think West, I think about my client groups in Monterrey, LA, or San Francisco.

But I can remember landing in Missoula, MT and having a real sense of, "Where am I and am I suppose to be here?" I had the same reaction in Medford, OR but not so much in Clackamas. That's nothing against those places I had amazing trips but I did feel like I was in an area of the country that just didn't feel like a natural fit. It's added pressure to know that hours after landing I will have to face room of 30-40 strangers in a strange (as in unfamiliar) place and hold their attention for two or three days.

This week I made another trek out west and took these pictures after landing in Salt Lake City, UT. It was my first trip to SLC, another good trip and I found a really good Indian restaurant.

Since my trip to Wichita, KS just got canceled I guess I will attempt to paint my children's bedroom. I am crafty but I'm no painter. I am overwhelmed by the thought of it but inspired by some of the work I've seen the other mom's do.


Anonymous said...

I traveled a lot before becoming a SAHM. SLC was a place that loved the scenery but the mark made by 'man' left me lacking somehow. SOme places you travel you get to enjoy great architecture/gardens/etc. SLC I didn't see that but then again, I didn't stay in SLC but when up north to Utah State University. It also felt odd trying to order a coke. Couldn't. Didn't have a problem ordering Pepsi or Tea. Go figure.

I do like N. California. My impression of S. Cal was why are these people wearing coats/hats/gloves in January when it's 50+ degrees outside?

I sometimes miss the travel but glad I got to do so much when I was single.

Anonymous said...

Well..>I see all the typos in my previous post. But oh well. Thought I better sign it though,


DWS said...

Ahhh, business travel...can't say I miss it.

If you ever get to NJ or metro NYC I can share some the names of some great Indian restaurants with you.

VALARIE said...

Dawn, I travel only enough now to keep it interesting. Gone for me are those days of jetting across country for days at a time. Now, It might be 2-3 a month or every other month. Since I work from home 90% of the time it is nice to get out every now and again. I use to do some work in Morristown, NJ and one of my brothers lived in Mt. Vernon for a while and my other brother lives in NY. I definitely let you know if I head that way.

Bennett said...

Valerie when u have chance pls send me a private e-mail


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