Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Room With a View

I finished the room all except hanging pictures on the walls. That will come a little later. I really like traditional Ethiopian art and I'm sure some of that will make it into the room.

Haze you were right, I feel a HUGE sense of accomplishment. My nails are a wreck and every muscle hurts but I look at it and still can't believe I did all this work.

I was so inspired by the early pictures of Gracie's room, Robbin's mom and the bamboo flooring, Celeste and her pretty two tone room, and Marcia who paints amazing freehand designs.

Take a look and let me know what you think. The colors look off in the pictures but the comforter and red trim are the same color the yellow is a warm gold yellow.

You may want to adjust the SOUND.

I am going to chose five pictures from this group (there are a lot to chose from) are going in the bathroom over the tub/shower.


Kerri said...

As a fellow fan of non-neutral decor, I LOVE it!!!
Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

kristine said...

This room is absolutely gorgeous! Now what does everyone say about the black furniture?! We are color people too. Always painted all of our apartments and it made such a difference in our lives.

What a happy looking room to come home to. Great great job! You can come decorate our home any time.

Wish you could bring the home depot girl to your house to show her how the color turned out.

Bennett said...

Valerie, that is so nice.......I lvoe the colors and the walls are one of my favorite colors. Really Really nice. I love colors from what most "decorators" would call the bricks.

Your babies will love it.

I have to thank you again for the talk, I am taking some time to listen to my own innter thoughts and I will see where it leads me.

Thanks again,

I owe you and Robbin my life saivings. LOL

Robbin said...

I love the room. My guest room is the same color and I actually sleep in there because its so inspiring! You did a great job.

Baby 1 and Baby 2 will love it!


VALARIE said...

Thanks all. It was ok once I got started but it felt like I would never finish.

KRISTINE I am a firm believer that WHITE is a color. LOL! I have always been afraid of putting something on my walls and hating it. After 12 years that is the first room with color. Well my office is blue. AlD at Home Depot should stay far away from me. I might swing by and show her the pictures.

CELESTE - No problem. There might be a time that I need you to return the favor. Use the money to celebrate when your baby comes home.

ROBBIN - I have 3 floors and I'm always downstairs when I go up, I am always in that room. I try to switch stretching out on their beds so I don't leave a dent. LOL

VALARIE said...

KRISTINE - My friends didn't mind the black furniture, they actually love the chest and dresser. They specifically did not like the beds. I'll let you know their final verdict. I showed you all first.

haze said...

That video made me tear up at the end with your personal message to your kids. What a super idea.

Your kids are going to LOVE their room and their house. It totally rocks, Valarie. Did I already comment on how much I love the beds? I specifically looked for a high headboard when I shopped for my own sleigh bed. A style closer to the kids' was my second choice (in black or dark brown). Also, I may steal your idea of adding color to a band at the TOP of the wall. FAB!

VALARIE said...

Thanks Haze I love the beds too. The pillow looks like a little dot because the headboard is so high. I wasn't planning on making a video I just wanted to make a slideshow of the pictures but I was looking to that song at the same time and it seemed to fit. Thank goodness I only did the border in red if you notice I stopped on the last wall -- I just couldn't do it.

Gracie's Mom said...

Valerie, I LUV IT!!! The room is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are so warm and inviting, I just want to lay down on the bed and daydream. Outstanding Valerie, really.

Tami said...

Great Job Valerie! You have been busy and who knew you didn't like color! Very impressed! Very impressed! The kids will love it! I can't wait to see their smiling faces in there.

Stephanie said...


I love the room as well. I am sure that your babies will too. I especially love the shower curtain, did you make it?


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