Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week #5

Give me five on the black-hand side. I think that was the name of a movie. Anyway, it is the fifth week of waiting and you know what that means. It is picture time. Doing this little project I've discovered a few things. There are many more pictures of my brothers than there are of me. The other thing I've been wondering is if I ever sat still. I was at my fathers in Indianapolis last week and he has old pictures all along the walls. I asked him if I was really that happy as a kid and he said the pictures don't lie and it was hard keeping up with me.

Well here you go. December 1971 we got to stand on the other side of our living room. Not much new with the family. I remember getting those pants for Christmas and loving them. I had to put the hand on the hip for emphasis.

I was so in love with my oldest brother. I used to follow him around and imitate everything that he did. That might be why he's always looking so happy. We were at my aunt's house in Detroit -- we were ALL dressed alike. My mother was kind of into that. Who's that on the phone? It's the EMBASSY!


kristine said...

OK if those children come home before you're all 'grown up' you must promise to keep posting your photos!

These are my favorite so far! I'm the oldest so I really relate to your oldest brother. Your mom always looks great and that hand on the hip is too much!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr Happy looks to be hiding a grin in that first photo. Love the matching outfits. Can relate. I'm always looking for coordinating outfits for photo ops with my kids. As for the older brother syndrome, with my oldest, it's the one closest in age that puts that unhappy look on his face, not the little ones.

I agree with Kristine, keep those photos coming.


Kerri said...

Too cute! Loving the trip down memory lane!
Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

Anonymous said...

BTW, your mom has a very Mod Squad look about her. Very hip and happening and very pretty. I often wonder if my kids are going to remember me in baggy shorts and stained tees. I'm definitely not the hip/happening kind of mom. It is one of the things I need to work on, I'm sure.


VALARIE said...

JAN - My mom was always very stylish. From teen to adulthood we actually had a lot of the same clothes in different colors. Even the year she passed away at 72 she was wearing some cute jeans with the cuff.

KRISTINE - I will keep posting those middle years though will be hard to do. Kids hurry before I turn 10.

JAN - I might add another picture. When I say dressed alike that includes my parents!

KERRI - Thanks. People say I look pretty much the same as I did as a kid.

Robbin said...

Love the pictures this week, you know I love my brother too! And yep that is a Detroit neighborhood for sure! lol. This is so much fun.


VALARIE said...

That's right Robbin you are a Michigan girl. I spent all of my summers in Detroit until I was 16. They were probably dropping me off when this picture was taken. Since I went to Michigan State I know the area well. I will be at the MSU homecoming in a couple of weeks.

Christina said...

Okay, Valarie - this is officially the most fun "wait for referral" countdown i have ever seen. Fabulous. Hope you get good news soon!

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