Wednesday, September 24, 2008

For All My Hard Work

A recent conversation with my sweet other.

Him: Hey how was your day?

Me: Good but I'm exhausted. I painted the rooms today and everything hurts and I need a massage.

Him: You painted? That's interesting, I thought you were waiting for Luke. What kind of painting did you do that requires a massage?

Me: I am 5 feet tall painting 9 foot ceilings. That's a lot of work.

Him: Are you sure you're that tall? You know what the old folks would tell you to do.

Me: What's that find a new honey?

Him: No. Get in a tub of hot water and Epsom salt.


Bennett said...

LOL that was so funny

haze said...

LOL! SOMEBODY missed his cue to offer a massage.

I totally recommend Epsom salts. I just soaked in them on Sunday. But a massage would have been more fun.

Anonymous said...

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