Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ethiopian Reflections

Ethiopian Boy Doll
There is an online store called Ethiopian Reflections. They have variety of unique Ethiopian gifts and authentic clothing. Several months ago I read an article about a the first ever plastic doll that was being manufactured in Ethiopia. Senzero is a boy doll that comes with a CD to teach Ethiopian customs, history and culture. In the CD Senzero does a traditional Ethiopian dance and moves his shoulders up and down. Children can push his head backwards and forwards, and lift his knees in the air like traditional dancers from the west of the country - with Ethiopian countryside scenes rolling across the background.

Ethiopian Girl Doll
There is never a shortage of dolls for girls but Ethidolls has come out with an Ethiopian doll named Makeda: The Queen of Sheba. More than just a doll it is considered a collectible and has a hefty $100+ price tag. Like the Senzero doll it comes with a book and CD about Makeda's rise to the throne and her Journey to Jerusalem to visit King Solomon.

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