Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Right to Vote: My Right Denied

It's 2008 and the presidential election season is in full swing. In the year that I will bring little brown babies home from Ethiopia there are both a woman and black man in a race for the democratic nomination for president. Barak Obama is half Kenyan and grew up much of his life abroad. I so identify with him and his personal story and could not be happier that he is truly in the race.

I am terribly disappointed in a couple of things that have happened over the last couple of days in the campaign. I won't elaborate but I have read ridiculous stories accusing him of some covert terrorist ideas because he is named Barak Hussein Obama, Jr. He was named after his father and not Sadam Hussein. The comparison is absolutely ridiculous. Last night I have to admit that I was a little ticked off (a lot ticked off) that they began to attack his church. Bill O'Rielly said that Barak's minister is some type of nut that needs to be investigated. I live in Chicago and am familiar with Trinity United Church of Christ. I have many friends that go there and I have actually spoken to groups of young women there on a couple of occasions. It is a church that does amazing work in the black community. It is a wonderfully progressive church with a large congregation of Bible believing Christians. I venture to guess that they have done more to support people and communities than Bill O'Riely. If it matters, it is also Oprah Winfrey's church.

Anyway today I went over to the post office and right next door they had a space set-up for early primary voting. I was told that all I needed to vote was my drivers license which I produced. The woman looked my address up in the computer and my mother's name came up but not my name. My mother died three years ago and lived in Illinois for all of 17 months. I have been here for 20 years and lived in my home for almost 12 years. I was not on the list of registered voters. This makes no sense to me. The three or four people there struggled to come up with a reason why my deceased mother showed up as a registered voter but not me.

One guy said he believes I may have been deleted by accident instead of my mother. Another lady made a call to the county and they told her that no one is EVER deleted. Mmmmm.....I'm not there so I must have been deleted. I was then told by one person that I could come back with my voter's registration card. But, the gentleman in charge said that even if I had the card but did not show up in their database that I would not be allowed to vote. What.....!?!

If I would like to vote in the primary I am now being told that I have to drive to the county office and re-register to vote. Even with a voter's registration card in my hand this is what I am being told. What...!?!

And Bill O'Riely thinks that Barak Obama and his minister Jeremiah Wright are the problem. Give me a break!

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Deanna said...

That is ridiculous. I wonder how often that happens??

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