Monday, January 21, 2008

Toys for our Ethiopian Children

I am always on the look out for toys, games, and books that we can give to our Ethio babies.

I found these dolls at Kwanzaa Kids. To help children learn how to dress.

Someone else had asked about action figures. I'd never seen these before. Use the search box to find the Mighty World action figures. They have Mighty World Construction and Lewis is the African American foreman. There is Mike the K-9 officer. These are really cute.

One family was talking about purchasing dolls and gifts for all the children at the orphanage.If you are looking for things that you can buy in bulk to take on your trip try Dollar Day. You just have to register to see the prices. Most things are around a dollar and they come by the case.

The biggest list of dolls that I found for all ethnic groups is from Dolls Like Me.

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Anna said...

There is a wonderful website called Global Exchange. All the items are fair trade. They have beautiful hand made dolls and toys and quilts. At our home we especially try to stay away from plastic toys and try to have wood and natural material toys. Dolls without charachaturish (sp?) faces leave so much oppertunity for the childs imagination. Check them out at

I am enjoying your blogs :)

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