Sunday, January 27, 2008

Twilight Zone Politics

Obama Wins South Carolina in a Game of Twilight Zone Politics.

I'm sure that I must be in the twilight zone. I've heard of slanted reporting but I think this is going a bit too far. As I follow the primary races, Barak Obabma won the South Carolina primary getting 55% of the vote to Hillary Clinton's 27%. He got 55% of the vote and still, every news story that I am seeing is attempting to diminish his win.

There have been several statements repeated on newscasts that have me mad:

  1. He only got 24% of the white vote. He will need more votes from white America if he wants to legitimize his campaign.

    Do the votes of African American people count differently in South Carolina? Why does he need one groups vote over another to be legitimate? I was under the silly impression that you needed more votes than the competition and rarely do you see one candidate when 2:1.

  2. He won because he got 80% of the African American vote.

    Impressive, I think. I don't know of a white candidate that received 80% of the white vote, 80% of the female vote, or 80% of the male vote. Why is this a bigger story than the fact that Obama almost doubled the number of male and female votes that Hillary received?

  3. The South Carolina primary isn't representative of Super Tuesday and we'll have to see what millions of American's do on February 5.

    Perhaps that's true but let's look at what happened in South Carolina. Barak Obama received 294,000 votes which was more votes than ALL the votes that were casts in the 2004 South Carolina democratic primary (290,000). Can the man get credit for anything?

  4. It seems that Bill Clinton has gotten in Barak Obama's head and he can't shake him.

    Really? Does that also explain why Hillary Clinton showed no grace and could not even offer a concession speech? The media seems to think that it was the Clinton's way of letting Barak know that his win was insignificant. Why wasn't it just being a sore loser?

  5. Barak Obama still has a lot of ground to make up if he is truly going to be in contention for the White House.

    He has almost twice as many electoral votes than she does. It may be early in the race, but the fact that he is leading her by a pretty good margin seems to only be mentioned as a side issue.
Mmmmmm.........At least all of us are not absolutely crazy. Here are stats from CNN and MSNBC polls:
  • MALE VOTE: Obama 54%, Clinton 23%, Edwardss 23%
  • FEMALE VOTE: Obama 54%, Clinton 30%, Edwards 16%
  • BLACK VOTE: Obama 81%, Clinton 17%, Edwards 1%
  • WHITE VOTE: Obama 24%, Clinton 36%, Edwards 29%
My headline would be, "Barack Obama trounced Hillary Clinton in every category."

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