Sunday, January 27, 2008

Who's Children Are They Now

When I decided to adopt and then stumbled on the Ethiopia program it completely sucked me in. I found myself reading everything that I could about the country and trying to understand how adoption served the children and the country. I could never imagine waking up as a child and my mother, father, and other families members were no longer around.

Here is a video about Ethiopia and the AIDS orphans. I'm not sure how anyone could watch this video and not be touched to the core. I'm not sure how anyone could watch and not feel that they must do something.

In the video you will meet the woman who started Abebech Gobena (her name) Orphanage . She began her mission by picking up two children who were clinging to their deceased parents. From that and with no resources at all she began the orphanage that now has six separate facilities and has taken in more than 5,300 children since 1988. You can learn more about her story through a MetaCafe video.

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