Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fly Away to You

I found this dusty Shanice Wilson CD, yes CD, this weekend. So, I put the DJ back in the booth to send out track #5 to all the waiting mothers and fathers.

If I had wings I'd fly away. I'd let the stars just guide the way, right to you. Don't care if this journey takes all night. Oh, how my heart longs to be with you. I thought I would share with you my dreams, I'm still missing you. But, instead of just writing you, I'll spread my wings and fly like an angel to you. I'll spread my wings like an eagle and fly straight to you. Loves going to bring our souls together.

You do remember Shanice don't you? I found this video of her singing "Home" at 8 years old. Here is hoping all the children are home soon. Too cute! (The intro is little long). You know, from The Wiz.

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