Thursday, July 10, 2008

Working that List

Still working and waiting. Update from April 29 and June 9.

  1. Clean the kids room down to the floor and walls. - Not yet. I'm close only furniture left to go. It is DONE!

  2. Hold a garage sale. Let a hauler take away everything else. - This weekend. A couple of weeks ago. Made a few bucks.

  3. Clean the carpet throughout the house. - Someday. Mmmmm
    This is DONE!

  4. Paint the children's room and their bathroom. - Before I clean the carpet. Mmmmm
    Scheduled for tomorrow but I think I will hold off. I do have paint swatches hanging from the wall.

  5. Clean their linen closet to the bare shelves. - Before I travel to Ethiopia. I did it!

  6. Dry wall the garage it is an absolute child hazard as it is today. - Tomorrow. DONE!

  7. Wishlist for shower. - Growing daily. I added a wish list link, I'm ready for the shower.

  8. Begin purchasing things that they will need. (It's been hard holding off). Still hard. Shhh...I did buy a couple of things.

  9. Plan the itenarary for me and my dads first visit to Ethiopia. - Can't even think about it. It's getting super close. Keeps changing!

  10. Visit a couple of my final choices for schools. Make a choice. - The list has narrowed. This only changes based upon the kids ages.

  11. Choose, order, purchase their bedroom furniture. - See below. Furniture has been ordered!

  12. Decorate thier room - choose bedding, wall stuff all of that. - After furniture. I've chosen and written a post about it.


Anonymous said...

Wow. You've been busy. Congratulations. Now, time for a new list.


VALARIE said...

Jan, I will be making a new list. I just had to keep looking at this one to make sure I was getting something accomplished. I remember back in April when I made the list it seemed like a mountain of things to do. My plan was to start early and take little steps. I feel pretty good and surprised that I've gotten most of this done. Yea for the (me) the babies! LOL

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