Friday, July 11, 2008

What's Going On?

There has been a deep discussion on the big ET board about race. It's not the first and sure it won't be the last. It has; however, been much more reflective, thoughtful, and insightful than discussions that occurred months ago. I think that is good news. My contribution to the discussion was to make sure that the children see images of people who look like them reflected back to them. One (there were many) that I found surprising was from someone saying that it is good to see Barack Obama and that it is too bad that there are not more like him. They seem to be everywhere I look. My mother used to say that if you looked for something you would surely find something. So, we have to look.

I was checking out my friend Tami's blog and she has a post about the upcoming CNN special "Black In America." There is also a website that you might want to check out.

Tami also as highlighted the next issue of Vogue that has four black models on four different covers. What...? One is the beautiful Liya Kebede from Ethiopia. [background]

Well, I thought I would see Tami's four Vogue covers and raise her eight black men. Ebony is coming out with eight covers featuring prominent black men. I would have made a couple of different choices but don't they look good? Kind of makes you proud. The title of this post, "What's Going On" is of course a Marvin Gaye classic.


Tami said...

LOL. I knew about those beautiful 8 black men! But the crazy thing is you can't find all of the covers, of course the best ones are sold out already! I'm trying to find Obama's. Next, I missed the thread that someone said wouldn't it be nice to find more people like Barak. WHAT?????!!!!!! WTF??????

Dawn said...

Once upon a time when I had a blog I remember writing an entry that essentially said if you can't find any educated upstanding African Americans then "you need to get out more! I see them everyday." You guys held it down on the boards. Nice to see good dialogue and some educating.

VALARIE said...

See Tami, you don't have all the connections that I have. I got the pictures from

The boards were interesting but at least it didn't feel you icky this time. It actually felt constructive.

Tami said...

I'll check out concreteloop. :-) Dawn, you are absolutely right, I'm tired of people saying they can't find enough educated blacks. Like you, I see them and speak with them all the time! Ye seek, ye shall find.

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