Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Blogging Momma's

I think that I wrote my first blog post in October. I was inspired by all the blogs that I read. I went through them, read about agencies, read about the timelines and process. I learned so much from everyone else. Well, many of those mother's have their children home, many of us are waiting for referrals or travel. I thought it was time to add some new fresh momma's to my favorite blogs list.

Catrina is Blogging for a Little Girl

Love Notes for the Coco Princess
Ethiopian mommy writes letters to her little girl.

Follow This Ethiopian Journey

Andrea Found Her Ethiopian Princess
(Children's World - CWA)
Andrea's baby is home and I really enjoy reading her blog.

Kari and Ron's Girls Are Their Life
The kids are home and very, very cute!

Blogging With a Mummy's Heart
I love the reading about the process with the Canadian twist.

Kristine's Spontaneous Delight
(Wide Horizons - WHFC)
An interesting view of transracial adoption.

Robbin is the Baby Mama Drama Queen
Follow her journey to Addis.

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LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Aahhh, I made your list!!!! I feel like a, like a, like a real "bloggermom" now. (Hey, that wouldn't be like a soccermom or a hockeymom would it)?

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