Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ethio Adoption Polls

Make sure to cast your vote in the current poll on choosing names. My goal is 100 votes per poll but I've not hit that mark yet.

This is one of several polls that I've run on Ethiopian adoption but just realized that I never posted the poll results. So, here they are. You can still vote in the open polls. You can also add the polls to your blog.

What Led to the Decision to Adopt? Vote

Of the 58 people who responded to the poll:
  • 37% of the respondents said they felt a special calling.
  • 18% said that adoption was a good option for singles that wanted to parent.
  • 17% sited issues with infertility.
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Was Ethiopia the first Choice?

Of the 69 people that participated in this poll:
  • 40% said that Ethiopia was their first choice.
  • 36% said that Ethiopia was their only choice.
  • 11% chose another country before choosing Ethiopia.
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What Was Most Important in Choosing Your Adoption Agency?

There were 78 respondents and:
  • 38% chose based upon a referral from a friend or reputation.
  • 12% chose based upon cost and fees.
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Original Court Date: April 18, 2009
Final Court Date: May 18, 2009
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