Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Record Breaking Day

Was it something in the water or was it something I said? I have a stat counter that records the number of visits to my blog. Yesterday there were 225 visitors that viewed 590 pages! I think on average there are about 50 visitors and depending on what's going on and the amount of trouble I'm getting in on the forums the count may rise over 150 people.

I remember seeing the count rise so quickly yesterday and wondered if I would break 500. But, 590 page views...that is a record! 150 of those were first time readers -- welcome!

My friend Grace set her own record this week by writing her 300th post. She is trying to do some great things for the Ethio adoption community and wants to collect 100 comments. Drop by and help her reach her goal.

Thanks to all of the readers!

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