Friday, July 11, 2008

A New Ethio-Name Resource

I'm always looking for good resources and this one is pretty good. It list names, words, phrases in Amharic. It has the name spelled in Amharic with pronunciation.

In a couple of steps you should be able to find the meaning, pronunciation, and meaning of many names.

Here is the link but it is not exactly in alphabetical order. So here is my suggestion.

Alternative to the directions below that I just learned myself: Go directly to the dictionary, type the name into the second (Amharic character) search field. Using your keyboard it will change the typed characters to Amharic. You should be able to get the meaning that way.
  1. Copy and paste the line below in Google (as a search not a URL)

  2. Add the child's name before or after the text.

    EXAMPLE: valarie

  3. Hit search. When the information comes up look at the block of text. Under it you will find the word "cache". Click on "cache".

    If you are not familiar with this function it will highlight the word(s) you are looking for. That way you can scroll the list quicker.

  4. When you find the name you will see the Amharic letters, then the pronunciation, then the American spelling.

  5. Highlight and copy the Amharic letters and go to the English / Amharic dictionary.

  6. Paste the Amharic letters in the second search field. The one with the Amharic characters. Hit the search for that field. This will give you the meaning of the name.
It's really not complicated but I think it could be fun and help some people find names that aren't on other list. Happy Hunting!

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haze said...

Thanks for the info - this is useful!

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