Thursday, July 3, 2008

Room to Grow

A couple of people have sent me notes asking about the room. They will be sharing a room. Here is what I have planned although it is subject to change. Subject to change because as a bargain hunter, I've not been able to find the bedding at what I think is a reasonable price.

FURNITURE: Black - You can't tell from the picture, but what I like most about the bed is the tall headboard -- 55" high. I love the "Princess in the pea" feeling.

WALLS: Some shade of yellow.

DECOR: Primary colors (Camp 1830) although I tried to fight it as long as I could.

BATHROOM: The challenge is their adjoining bathroom. I just have not found anything that I like that works with the bedroom. The closest I've come is this shower curtain. It is a little too BRIGHT for my taste especially in their small bathroom. Just as I posted the picture, I came up with a bright idea.

I am going to cut the shower curtain and use the top as a valance over a solid red shower curtain. That will work! I can take the rest of the shower curtain and make a valance for their bathroom window. I'm liking this idea. All I need to do now is warm up my glue gun!

I found another shower curtain that I think looks better (not as bright) but I don't like that it is vinyl.


graceling said...

Ohh! That looks cute!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Love it.


P.S. When we adopted our daughter, I went to all the trouble of moving my boys into the 'big' bedroom and turning the little room into my daughter's room. The reality: My daughter and older son sleep in one room. My son, with Down Syndrome and extremely loud sleeper, gets his own room. Thus this time around, I"m doing nothing. Just waiting to see where #4 ends up. so it's good that you are flexible.

VALARIE said...
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VALARIE said...

Thanks! It has finally grown on me. I tend to like warmer colors and insisted at the beginning that they would not have a brightly colored room. Hey Jan, there is only one pretty large bedroom so the only option is for them to share it. The challenge for me was doing a unisex room in something other than primary colors. It was really hard and so primary colors won out.

Anonymous said...

I think it's perfect! They are going to love it. You can probably pick up some things over there in your travels to help decorate it. (scarves for window toppers or made into throw pillows, or pictures that you take and blow up and frame or some other sort of wall art)

I really think they are going to be excited about it.


VALARIE said...

I love the idea and want to use Ethiopian traditional art in their rooms. I really like the style and the colors fit. There are a lot of pictures on Ethiopian Reflections. I'm sure that I should be able to find a bigger selection in Ethiopia. Thanks for the suggestions!

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