Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hello Dolly - Buy African American Dolls

Over the weekend I walked into a store not far from my house and was surprised at what I found in the toy department. There was one complete aisle of black dolls, three shelves high of different dolls. There were all types of dolls and I've never seen that many options in one place.

My friend suggested that I purchase as many of them as I could and make them available to other mom's who are having a hard time finding black dolls, so here they are. I've set them up so that you can purchase them through PayPal. They are priced at $18, $22, $25 including shipping.

If you are interested in purchasing more dolls let me know.

Dolls $22 includes shipping

Bonnie Lou Doll in Green (2)

Patti Jo Doll in Red (2)

Cuddle Baby Doll (2)

Talking Dolls $25 includes shipping

Cheerleader Doll (2)
She says a cute little cheer.

Little Miss Muffett (1)
She sings the Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme.

Dolls $18 includes shipping

Baby Pony Doll (1)

Little Girl Pony Tails (2)

Baby Bath Doll (1)

Baby Swimmer Doll (3)


kristine said...

If you ever find a boys doll - like GI Joes or superheros or things like that please let me know. I know there are a great number of boys that would love to have a doll that represents them better than what is on the market. I've only found one so far it was expensive and was about the American Southwest which would have been somewhat difficult for my son to play with.

I love these dolls - good for you.

Robbin said...

TAG!!!!!! check my blog for details!


Queens of Africa said...


May we interest you in the enclosed? Do feel free to contact us for futher information.


The Queens of Africa Project.

To the vast majority of people, toys are mere play item or pacifier for children a lot of thought does not really go into which toys best serve the purpose as a great tool towards a child development. A lot of is dumped in the mind of children subliminally both positive and negative which can be later detected in their character at a much later stage (especially in their teenage years)

We need to see toys for what they really are…..A fun developmental tool.


Generations over the years having been passing on to kids toys in different shapes and sizes not fully realizing the psychological impact it has on them. In this age and time our thoughts, decisions and actions are influenced externally especially in young children.

Take a pause and imagine……….

A typical African child is told ‘black is beautiful’ but when they become adults, do they really think so? Girls have been handed white dolls for many years that has apparently exposed them to a lot of western vibes, false sense of value, low self esteem and moral values lack of appreciation of colour and culture. Many agree that a lot is lost under the guise of being cool and fashionable.

However, a great level of moral decadence can be observed in children especially the girls. This can be detected in their dress senses, dancing, parties, and in schools. It’s all about sexualization and being attractive to men among other social vices.

There is a need for more female role models that children can identify with. Currently there is a wide generational gap between young and old, which makes it difficult for the children to warm up to most of the role models presently.

There is a need for role models they can easily identify with in their likeness that can sharpen their moral values and bring them closer to their culture. Hence, Queens of Africa project; a social-cultural and educative innovation, with positive life changing initiative, set up to empower, promote and support Nigerian/African girl child.

The fact that women comprise 70% of the world’s 1.3 billion absolute poor calls for this need. They bear the brunt of economic and financial transition and crisis caused by market forces and globalization. Within every unit, that of family, community, and sect, the weakest and the most vulnerable are women, girl children due to their lifelong depravation in education, protection, shelter, skill learning and development, access to resources and rights.


To present to the African/Nigeria girl child household dolls with African concept and origin with the view to position it as the world’s number one symbol of pride and entertainment.


Empower by adding value to the African/Nigeria child. especially the girl child to be confident and ethically matured to become the ideal and perfect role model.


Using fun and entertaining approach such as ethically based dolls, comic, music, T.V animation series to inculcate in the girl child among other positive messages, virtues of love, peace and endurance.


The Queens of Africa is a moral, fashion and lifestyle inspired brand for children featuring 3 girls who represent Nigeria’s rich multicultural mix.


· To help give our children the well deserved focus in life.

· Inculcating in the Nigeria child the virtues of morality.

· To demonstrate that sound education holds a key to all we do in life.

· To imbibe the virtues of love, peace and endurance.

· Enable our children cultivate early literary abilities.

· To awaken creative talents in our children.

· To promote a sense of pride befitting a royal status.

· To increase parental confidence.

· Encourage optimal development.

M.O (modus operandi)

We intend to achieve our goal of grooming the girl child as Queens that will become role models through the following means:


· They serve as object of affection.

· The Africa origin of thee dolls gives the girl child a sense of belonging and pride – black is beautiful.

· These dolls are deviation from the popular dolls seen in our homes, which focus only on glitz and glamour.

· Dolls are also used to understand the mind of a child; this is possible by studying the children roll play with dolls. This is a common practice with pediatricians and child psychologist.

The characters being from the three main ethnic tribes in Nigeria (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) featuring Nneka – the Queen of Love, Azeezah – the Queen of Peace, and Wuraola – the Queen of Endurance.


· These are instrumental materials filled with fun and educational stories to help build the girl child.

· There shall always be a lesson to learn with every edition of the Queens of Africa comic.

· Each edition and story will be written to impact knowledge and morals.

· Special editions will be introduced to drive specific issues i.e. encouraging a saving culture among children which of great benefit in their future, preservation of environment, healthy eating and living.


· Some of the songs played at children gathering and parties are full of adult content, which they copy what they see in a bid to appear cool, and with no understanding of the sexual insinuation they sing and dance to these songs.

As an alternative, the Queens of Africa has albums with clean, educative and encouraging lyrics fit for children.

Who is the Queens of Africa?

· She is that girl who has been able to rise above societal and family limitations and now exhibits characteristics of Love, Peace and Endurance.

· She is the girl who passing through the stages of growth and development is empowered by her level of choice relationship and the information she has access to.

· She is the empowered girl who uses her developed virtues of Love, Peace and Endurance to help influence the world


Our ultimate goal for the QUEENS OF AFRICA project is to empower the African/Nigerian girl child.

Joann and KC said...

Valerie, I came across your site when 'googling' for a Bonnie Lou doll. I had a Terri Lee doll when I was a little girl. Now, because of my adopted African American son (over 30 years old) I have a 4 year old black granddaughter who is going to LOVE having a doll "like" mine. I have a suitcase full of clothes that my mom made for my doll over 50 years ago. When my son was little I was desperate to find ethnic books,toys etc. Things are easier now. I have spent hours reading your story and praying for you. I hope you are off getting your children. I would love to tell you my story, but it pales in comparison. I pray that buying the doll helps you a little, it helps me alot. Jesus is all over you and what you are are covered. Love, Joey a little white grandmother who cares.

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