Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Have Been Shamed

You have shamed me, talked about me, and attacked me for failing the most sacred duty of all mothers -- taking pictures. So, after I lifted my head I decided to STAGE a little photo session and pulled a few things out.

What you won't see is the lovely colorful care packages that guest took when they left, you won't see the grand Queen Ann cake that was filled with cream, strawberries, and bananas, you won't see the lovely table settings, the food, the menu or the invitations. Here is what I have. I hope it is enough to redeem me.

I start with a picture of my daddy standing in my kitchen partially blocking my famous apple treat dessert. The kids also got some books, gift certificates, undies, t-shirts, and cute, cute pajamas.


kristine said...

Ha! Shame works again!

I love the photos! Just seeing the clothes laid out and waiting made my heart leap. Very exciting. And I like the picture of your dad, it's such a - I don't know - dad kind of picture.

So close now!

Thanks - you are redeemed! Now don't do it again.

Gracie's Mom said...

Not to bad, you'll get better once the kiddos are home (we hope) Hee hee. I'm a picture taking fanatic and of course Ms. Gracie is my favorite subject. I bet I've taken 1000s of pictures of her. Poor baby.


Wow! Look at all those clothes. Can't wait to see the kids....the wait should'nt be long now.


Sweet Patience said...

I love to see pictures of little people's clothing! Congrats on the shower. You are getting closer.

Tami said...

OK, ok...I forgive you! Now, don't let me have to come back to this subject! Pictures are essential to the blog world. And for Shawn...I'll shame her next! LOL

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