Monday, October 27, 2008

Prayers for a Family

I am so saddened to hear about the tragedy that has affected the family of Jennifer Hudson. The thought of losing three generations of a family in one horrible incident is overwhelming. To take the life of an innocent seven-year old child makes no sense.

In my post last week I mentioned working with children in Chicago who saw violence as a common occurrence, the children lived in this very same neighborhood. Working with the children just a five blocks from the murders, it was difficult and sad to look into the eyes of children who worried if they would ever live to see adulthood.

No child should have to wake up in the morning and wonder whether or not the will live until the end of the day. It is too much. We look to Ethiopia with compassion and understanding and too often look at communities like Englewood with suspicion and contempt. Children are children no matter where they are, no matter who their parents are, and no matter their socio-economic circumstances.

Please pray for this family.

Their story is a reminder of how life can change in an instant. Make the most of every moment and hug your children a little bit tighter. Tell someone you are sorry and make sure to tell those important to you just how much you love them.


Gracie's Mom said...

Such a senseless, devastating tragedy. My heart aches for that poor girl. What will she do without her mom, by all accounts they were a close knit family. So, so sad. I'm definately keeping her in my prayers.

Robbin said...

My heart goes out to this family. To her sister Julia who will bury her mother, brother AND her son. To Jennifer who will have to grieve publicly without any respect for her privacy. And to the community who are forced to make sense of it. It is a tragedy. We are not protected by it because of Money. I know she would give up EVERYTHING to have her mother. I am saddened for her. I pray that the person that is convicted is convicted without fault and that his life is long and his days remorseful. There is NOTHING that can ever make this clear.


VALARIE said...

Thanks Robbin saying that better than I could.

Angela said...

Having lost my father 21 years ago to a random act of violence, I sympathize with Ms. Hudson and her family. No one knows this numbing pain unless you're unfortunately forced to endure it.
Jennifer and her sister will need continous prayer and support. To think they had to identify the bodies is heart-wrenching. I pray the media and the Hollywood community respects this tragic occurence enough to allow her the opportunity to fully grieve. I also hope any projects that were planned for her will be put on hold for as long as she needs and I pray God's protection over her remaining family and their minds.

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