Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok...Is It Just Me?

Conversation with an adoption law practice. (I'm really just trying to compare prices at this point).

Me: Hi, do you handle international re-adoptions?

Her: I'm sorry but we don't provide legal advice over the phone. Would you like to make an appointment?

Me: Well, first I'd like to know if your office handles this area of law.

Her: Please hold...........Okay, I talked to the attorney and he said that you should set an appointment and that we he can look it over for you?

Me: What is it that he will be looking over?

Her: He is going to review your case?

Me: So, does he handle international re-adoptions?

Her: Here is the number for the attorney just call and ask him.

Me: Hello. Do you handle international re-adoptions?

Him: A readoption like someone was adopted already from somewhere else? I'm not familiar with that but I can look it over and tell you if I can help you?

Me: Oh. It's such a common process that if you haven't heard of it then I have to imagine that you don't handle readoptions?

Him: You mean like you have a 600 form that you need me to help you with?

Me: No. Really it's okay.

Him: You need to get a 600 or 601 form first so that you can adopt. Did you have problems with that?

Me: No. No, problem I already have the I-171.

Him: But now you need the 600 form.

Me: Well, the I-600 is the application. Mine has been approved and I have an I-171.

Him: I'm not really familiar with these terms you are using.

Me: It's okay sorry to have bothered you. I thought it was a very common process.

Him: I don't think so at least I've never heard of it. I can help you if the child is having immigration issues. Is that the problem? The best thing is to let me look it over.

Me: Thanks so much for your time, sorry to have bothered you.

Him: Do you want the number to the bar association?


kristine said...

This had me laughing out loud. At least he offered to refer you to someone I guess.

Life's a ride isn't it.

Gracie's Mom said...

Welcome to the Twilight Zone. I was VERY fortunate, here in Texas it was a simple procedure. I'll send you the email outlining the process. It's different in every state but maybe it can help.

Anonymous said...

For Georgia, you can do it yourself. I joined the International Adopt Georgia yahoo group and they had the paperwork I needed to file myself. THere is usually a group for each state. They can guide you to a good attorney if you are not allowed to do it yourself. I know when I called my county to get info, they called it 'domestication' instead of readoption. They also say they are not allowed to give out legal advice.

Your phone call was funny on this end but I bet you were quite frustrated on your end.


VALARIE said...

Hey Jan. I wasn't frustrated because it was so silly. There is an Illinois group as well and there is no process to do yourself for re-adoption. I can send their original birth certificates in to the state and get a record of foreign birth. With that process; however I cannot make any changes to their names or ages. I am identifying attorneys that know how to facilitate that part of the process like a simple name change.

I don't want to and am 99% sure that I won't do a re-adoption. I simply want to be able to remove my name from their birth certificates. I wrote about this months ago and I've identified a couple of attorneys.

My process for selecting a service provider is after I'm relatively certain of a person that I want to use I just the best things that I think about them to other firms. This is just my 3rd or 4th check. I contacted attorneys before I started the adoption process, I contacted them sometime after I sent in my dossier and now.

trice said...

Welcome to what's called billing the client. It would be unusual for an attorney to upfront say they can't do something to bring in a check. He figures he can look it up and charge you for the time he spent finding the answer, as well as the service he will provide. Best of luck....trice

The Six of Us said...

That made me laugh out loud!!! Here in Oregon there is a lawyer who puts together a "do it yourself" kit. I just got it. Yikes!

Angela said...

He really didn't want to admit he didn't have a clue did he? No lady, you don't understand...I'm the professional. Make an appointment then I can show you how to make a simple process complicated.

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Her: Please hold....Okay.

Her: Thank you for holding ---

Your Phone: (Dial tone)......

Her: Hello? Hello? Hello?


Dawn said...

Okay. So this just proves all lawyers are not created equal. No doubt he wanted to charge for a consultation but it's only fair to want to make sure the specific area of law is covered first.

When I worked in a firm a thousand years ago, the paralegal had an intake form and check list. That way she could be sure the case was indeed the type the firm handled before charging a fee or wasting someone's time. Geez.

Holly said...

Been there...had that conversation only mine was trying to find a lawyer who knew the law about adopting from a disruption in another state but still....totally clueless, didn't know anything about the I-171H or the difference between an IR3 and IR4 visa.
Really annoying and frustrating.
So the lawyer we have now is great and makes oh, more than half of my husband's monthly salary just by billing US each month. Yeah. It's great.
But God IS faithful!
As for readoption, each state is different, some are fairly easy. I'd try to find another family in your state who has BTDT and ask them! They will know more than a random attny who is supposed to specialize in adoption law!

Tami said...

That was funny! A nice diversion from the boards. It seems this week there is a lot to laugh about.

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