Saturday, October 11, 2008

Schools that Sing

As the days get closer and I've looked at many schools, I wanted to share one that I found not far from the house. I don't want to give you any big set-up, just take a look at the curriculum and tell me your thoughts.

1st Grade Curriculum
4th Grade Curriculum

I'm not sending my children here so feel free to express your thoughts.


Christina said...

Hey Valarie,

A Waldorf school? This blog sings their praises:


Anonymous said...

Wow. THat's very interesting. One reason we home school (at least #1 child, not sure about the others) is that our son does not learn well as taught in a 'typical' school setting. He's quite bright but not a very good auditory learner (as in sitting and listening to lectured lessons). So we don't do 'typical' things with him. So, I tend to like schools that do things differently. That said, I also think it depends upon the child and his/her abilities. So, I say, keep it in the back of your mind. It might be something that is a good fit somewhere down the line. You just never know.

I will also say, you've set out on a non-typical journey. (internat'l adoption, that is) You never know, you might just be a non-typical kind of gal and so might your kids. There may be a lot of things you do differently than you think you might. We started out trying to 'make' our son fit into a typical school. He was miserable as were we. We finally decided that it's okay that he isn't in a typical school, no matter how many negative comments we get. Listen to your gut. You will know YOUR kids better than anyone else. You will know the right place for them.

Good luck.

VALARIE said...

Jan thanks. I develop learning strategy, so I've considered a great deal in looking at the schools.

I am not going the traditional route but this school is not my choice. The first consideration for me is how my children are received and their level of comfort in the environment.

There are things that I see in the curriculum that from an educator stand point I can really appreciate. I approach learning as a constructivist and favor problem-based learning which is their approach as well. But, there is also something in the way things are written that gives me pause -- really it gives me the willys. I'm fortunate that I live in area where I have many choices.

Anonymous said...

I would tend to agree that parts of what are written give me the willies too. I'd definitely have to see it in action and speak with parents who use it. For some reason, the STepford Wives came to mind when I first read it. You just never know. SOmetimes what you see implemented doesn't always go along with what was stated in writing, or your interpretation. Then sometimes it does.

I talk to dozens of folks about how they home school, every chance I get I'm talking to someone. Every once in a while, I get those feelings like, eeek...I need to get far far away from you. And I do!

So I say it again, listen to your gut. You'll definitely find what works for you. Sounds like you've found some place you feel comfortable with.


VALARIE said...

Jan, this made me laugh. Thank you, I was reading it to a friend of mine in the most dramatic voice. Like everything eventually it comes down to the people.

Thanks again.

Anna said...

As a child we moved a few times following carpentry work for my dad. I attended several Waldorf Schools in Boston and NY. My family never went on vacations or out to eat, but damn if we didnt have the best education my parents could find. Myself and three siblings all attended Waldorf Schools and loved them. My sincerest friendships are with people I went to school with. I have a sister who is a very successfull medical lawyer in LA, and a brother who graduated from Roger Williams in engineering. It isnt a perfect education, I dont think there are any perfect schools, but I have so appreciated having the background in my life.
I have managed to send my daughter to a Waldorf school for eight years now as she is in the 6th grade. When we were struggling to come up with thte money for our adoption, she tried attending public school. At the first vacation break we transferred her back. She couldnt stand that they never got up to move around and only went outside once a day. She couldnt quite get all the clicky-ness and infatuation over clothes and boys.
I have never really understood home schooling (and am amazed at the amount of bloggers that home school!) so I understand when people dont understand our sacrifices to be able to send my daughter to the best school we could find for her. But she truly loves her school and loves being there every day. And in the end, thats what really matters to me.

VALARIE said...

Anna, thanks for the success story. I am so glad that you found something that worked well for you and your family. I am also glad that I have many so choices in my area. Schools are like anything else, somethings that work for some people don't necessarily work for others. What on earth would we do if we all had to try to force fit ourselves into one particular thing.

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